Our Clinical Non Invasive Non Injury treatments combine old and new innovation for an amazing holistic experience which will deliver true skin well-being and beautiful transformations from the very first treatment.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo is an art, Helen Greenberg ND Paramedical Aesthetician has been performing for 30yrs. Transforming your brows lips eyes or paramedical aeola with artistic flair and attention to detail. Helen will design your look to your perfection using the latest in Cosmetic Tattoo technology to give you a beautiful makeover transformation.

Mikroblading / Softap

Mikroblading and Softap is the art of semi-permanent makeup using a bespoke handtool for a gentle natural hair-stroke or powder brow look. The natural results will last 18months colours will be matched to your look and colouring and shape designed to give that natural fashion on fleek brow.